Financial Statements

ANNUAL REPORT - Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Profit & Loss Report


• Sunday & Special Collections $370,551.00

• Fees & Fundraising Revenue $153,281.60

• Specified Donations $102,375.34

Total $626,207.94


• Diocesan & Educational Assessments $70,560.00

• Facilities Maintenance & Repairs $60,973.00

• Religious Education & Liturgy $38,674.98

• Salaries, Stipends & Wages $204,628.69

• Employer FICA & Fringe Benefits $80,411.95

• Utilities, Telephone & Operating Expense $156,757.29

Total $612,0054.91

Net Revenue $14,202.03

Bishop's Annual Appeal 2019

It has been IHM's custom to contribute to the Bishop's Annual Appeal by taking a second collection at every Sunday mass during Lent; however, this year we will hand out the BAA envelopes to parishioners and invite you to mail your donation directly to the diocese. This is a part of our prayer, fasting and almsgiving Lenten experience. It is only by our extra financial sacrifice that we are able to help the Bishop in his responsibility to care for the entire Diocese. Our target is around $11,000 this year. We are hopeful that we can, once again, fulfil our target this year. We are very grateful to those who responded in the past and pray for another successful year this Lenten season. - Fr. Efrain Martinez