Baptisms - Bautismos


Baptism time is at 10:00am.

Please look at the calendar for Baptism dates

You need to provide the Birth Certificate of your baby/child (must be under the age of 7yrs old), the names of the Godparents and pay the processing fee.  Parents and Godparents are required to participate in a baptismal class prior to baptizing.                   

Godparents must have their sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion.  They must be married in the Catholic Church or single; persons who are married civilly or in relationship outside of marriage DO NOT qualify to be Godparents and if single but does not have all the sacraments that person does not qualify to be godparent.

To complete the process for baptism, you must take the next 3 steps below at least two weeks before the date of baptism. 

These three-step procedure below must be done the same day.  

1. Fill out the form on the link below (the date you pick for the baptism must be at least two weeks after you submit this form)

2.    Email a clear picture or a scanned copy of the birth certificate to:

3.    Pay $62.00 on the homepage of this website through PAYPAL (where it says donation, please pay and add name of child, date of baptism and a phone number to contact you)

The baptism is confirmed for the date you choose once you complete the 3 steps above and receive an email with the date for the baptism class for parents and godparents. THE BAPTISM CLASS IS USUALLY HELD A WEEK BEFORE THE DATE OF THE BAPTISM. 

Sacramento de Bautismo

Revise el calendario de fechas disponibles para bautismo.   

Horario de Bautismo a las 10:00 am

Los requisitos para bautizar son los siguientes:  El niño(a) debe ser menor de 7 años de edad.  Los padrinos deben estar bautizados, confirmados y que hayan hecho la Primera Comunión. Pueden ser solteros o casados por la iglesia católica. (No pueden ser padrinos si viven en union libre o casados por el civil solamente). Los padres y padrinos deben participar en la plática pre bautismal que se les asigne cuando complete los requisitos para bautizar.

Es requisito que sigas cada uno de los 3 pasos siguientes por lo menos dos semanas antes de la fecha de bautismo. Se requiero que estos tres pasos los hagas el mismo día.

Su fecha está confirmada cuando completa los 3 pasos de arriba y cuando recibe el correo electrónico con la fecha para la Plática de Bautismo para padres y padrinos. LA PLATICA PARA PADRES Y PADRINOS ES EN PERSONA.