Halloween Carnival

posted Oct 3, 2012, 11:02 AM by IHM Parish

The Parish will be hosting a Halloween Carnival on Wednesday, October 31 from 4pm to 9pm. This event will be held on the Church grounds, allowing for a safe place for our children to come and enjoy the Halloween evening. We will have food, games, a Halloween costume contest, music and other items for children and adults. We need the help of as many of our parishioners to make this a special time for the children. We hope to have local law enforcement, fire department, and other agencies present to give the children the opportunity to see what these agencies provide for the general community. I also hope to extend an invitation to the neighborhood surrounded our parish, to other local churches, and those around town to come and enjoy the night with us. If you would like to participate through face painting, creating a haunted house, make cakes and cupcakes for a cakewalk; donate candy (no homemade candy can be used). We need sponsors to donate the hamburger patties, hamburger buns, wieners, hot dog bread, chips and sodas. For donations, please call Lupe at the Parish Office.

Collection Amount in the Sunday Bulletin

posted Jul 17, 2012, 8:41 AM by IHM Parish

You may have noticed in last week's bulletin the amount
collected the prior Sunday. This will now be the case in
every Sunday bulletin, allowing all our parishioners to know
what is the giving pattern of our parish family. We have
nearly finished the new Projected Budget of 2012-2013. The
projected Sunday amount in the box is what is needed to
support our budget and will always be printed, and then we
will print the actual amount that was received. This will allow
all to see how well we did, or if we are short, in maintaining
and supporting our parish. A full budget will be soon
completed and published for all to see what we hope to raise
in the coming year, and what expenses we anticipate. We
have no budget from prior years, so have little to go on, but
we will publish a profit and loss report of the last fiscal year
that closed on June 30, 2012. This report will allow all to see
what was raised and spent in these past 12 months. I
continue to thank God for the sacrifices many of you make to
support your parish, and challenge others to consider their
giving patterns. Together, we can grow and meet the
challenges that will come our way this year.

Retire the debt on the new Church Flooring

posted Jul 17, 2012, 8:39 AM by IHM Parish

We will take up a second collection
for three weekends straight so as to completely pay off the
debt on the new floor in our church. As I have mentioned
previously, we owe now around $10,000 to finish the
$30,000 project. We have received large and small
contributions from individuals as well as the large donation of
a family. They have totaled nearly $20,000. So that we can
leave our savings intact at the Diocesan Deposit and Loan
Fund for other needs in the future, we hope and pray that
these collections will net us the remainder needed to
complete the project and have paid for it completely. I am
SO grateful to the many gifts, large and small, that has come
from parishioners. It is such a blessing to be where people
are proud of their beautiful church, and want to see it kept
up. I have guests, other priests, and our own parishioners
comment on the new flooring.

Additional Classrooms

posted Jul 17, 2012, 8:37 AM by IHM Parish

We need to consider adding to our Religious Education building
some additional classrooms. The diocese has found us used
modular buildings that can be set up next to our existing
building. We have only four classrooms at this point, which is
totally inadequate for our present needs. This parish has been
running a sacramental preparation program, not a Religious
Education program. Once children have made their First Holy
Communion, there is NO third, fourth, fifth, and on CCD classes as
found in other parishes. The diocese has asked that we comply
with the normal way of doing things, and in order to do so, we need
more space. Each additional used modular will cost about $7,000,
and about the same amount to set it up according to Hanford City
codes. Two modulars can fit into the space between the present
classrooms and the outdoor Pavilion. We hope to move on this
sometime in this coming year. Everything takes time, and we hope
with the help of many of our parishioners, we might continue to

Down the road, we do see expansion of programs and processes,
and for this reason, someday we must seriously consider building a
new hall to handle our needs. In this hall, will be new classrooms,
much like the one that can be found a the new parish center at St.
Charles in Visalia. My prayer and hope is that we might see this
realized within the next five years. This will take much work and
lots of fund-raising.

This is a vibrant and growing parish, and God has blessed us with
so many good people. Our future holds many opportunities, and
together we can achieve them.

Welcome to Sister Soledad

posted Jul 17, 2012, 8:35 AM by IHM Parish

Welcome to Sister Soledad Mendoza. Sister Soledad will be
joining our staff as a Pastoral Associate for Hispanic
Ministries. Sister Soledad has been in the US, having been born in
Mexico, for thirty years working with migrant communities on the
East Coast, and her last assignment was working in
Mississippi. Sister will be working in our parish half-time, and
working in St. Peter's Parish in Lemoore the other half time. She
will be primarily be working with the Spanish speaking community.

Our New Floors

posted Jun 15, 2012, 11:10 AM by IHM Parish

Please take time this weekend to look at the new floors in our beautiful church. The sanctuary is now complete. The floor of the body of the church should be complete in the next few days. We are grateful to the Warmerdam family for the sanctuary floor, an Italian porcelain material that looks and feels like marble. The body of the church is a vinyl composite that is easy to clean and easy to
maintain, much better than carpet. We have been receiving large donations from individuals, and recently we received a large gift from Larson Farms. The entire cost of the flooring project is $30,000, with half of it covered by single donor. With the other donations that have come in, we have raised another two thousand or so more, and we now owe about $12,000 to finish it off. I would like to avoid using as much of our savings to this endeavor as we can, as there are other needs we need to deal with. I hope to have a program of second collections, possibly every Sunday in July to finish raising the funds. If you can make a donation to the flooring project, please call our
office. I want to also thank Robinson Flooring for their wonderful staff and workers who have been installing the floors. They are first rate!!!

Priest Retirement Collection

posted Jun 15, 2012, 11:08 AM by IHM Parish

Father's Day Priest Retirement Fund Second Collection

Today, we will be taking up the annual Father's Day Priest Retirement Collection to help Bishop Ochoa to provide for all the retired priests a living retirement wage. Now included in this program is Father Steve Devine, your former pastor. Another former pastor, Father Antonio Gonzalez also received his retirement wage from this account. Our retired priests NEED your help, and your support allows them to not only to receive their retirement, but also to have additional insurance to cover costs not covered by Medicare, auto insurance and other incidentals that the Bishop provides for them. They have all given more then fifty years of service each before retirement. The oldest of our retired priests is Father Frank Pointek, age 98, living still on his own in Tehachapi. Second oldest after that is the founding pastor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Msgr. Gilbert Meyer, age 96, living in Olancha, CA.

New Office Hours

posted May 16, 2012, 10:12 AM by IHM Parish

Beginning Monday, June 4th, the office hours for the
parish will be 8:00am to 4:00pm. This will allow the staff
to come in earlier in the cooler part of the day, and leave
before the hottest part of the day. On Fridays, the offices
will be open from 8:00am to 1:00pm. This new tradition of
working half day Friday has become widely used in the
Fresno Diocese, with many parishes following suit. It helps
keep the cost of utilities down with the Air Conditioning
running only half a day on Friday.

We Have Moved

posted May 16, 2012, 10:11 AM by IHM Parish

We have officially moved the offices to the new Immaculate
Heart of Mary Parish Center, at 10435 Hanford- Armona
Road. This is the old convent of the Sisters of the Holy
Family. The parish secretaries, the pastor, and all
administrative staff will now be located in the newly
remodeled Parish Center. The center will include Holy
Family Chapel, now open for prayer and adoration during
the office hours. We will continue to offer the Conference
Room for meetings and classes. This allows us to have
the necessary space for all staff and to allow the rectory to
be a true priest residence. There will be at least two
priests living there, plus one seminarian during the summer

Furniture Needed

posted May 16, 2012, 10:10 AM by IHM Parish

We are in need of used, but in good shape, living room
furniture. If you are considering replacing such furniture,
or could donate them to the parish, we need them for the
rectory. With Father Matthew now in residence, and a
seminarian coming for the summer months, and the
various priests that will visit from time to time, we are
lacking in usable furniture.

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