Retire the debt on the new Church Flooring

Post date: Jul 17, 2012 3:39:58 PM

We will take up a second collection

for three weekends straight so as to completely pay off the

debt on the new floor in our church. As I have mentioned

previously, we owe now around $10,000 to finish the

$30,000 project. We have received large and small

contributions from individuals as well as the large donation of

a family. They have totaled nearly $20,000. So that we can

leave our savings intact at the Diocesan Deposit and Loan

Fund for other needs in the future, we hope and pray that

these collections will net us the remainder needed to

complete the project and have paid for it completely. I am

SO grateful to the many gifts, large and small, that has come

from parishioners. It is such a blessing to be where people

are proud of their beautiful church, and want to see it kept

up. I have guests, other priests, and our own parishioners

comment on the new flooring.