Additional Classrooms

Post date: Jul 17, 2012 3:37:44 PM

We need to consider adding to our Religious Education building

some additional classrooms. The diocese has found us used

modular buildings that can be set up next to our existing

building. We have only four classrooms at this point, which is

totally inadequate for our present needs. This parish has been

running a sacramental preparation program, not a Religious

Education program. Once children have made their First Holy

Communion, there is NO third, fourth, fifth, and on CCD classes as

found in other parishes. The diocese has asked that we comply

with the normal way of doing things, and in order to do so, we need

more space. Each additional used modular will cost about $7,000,

and about the same amount to set it up according to Hanford City

codes. Two modulars can fit into the space between the present

classrooms and the outdoor Pavilion. We hope to move on this

sometime in this coming year. Everything takes time, and we hope

with the help of many of our parishioners, we might continue to


Down the road, we do see expansion of programs and processes,

and for this reason, someday we must seriously consider building a

new hall to handle our needs. In this hall, will be new classrooms,

much like the one that can be found a the new parish center at St.

Charles in Visalia. My prayer and hope is that we might see this

realized within the next five years. This will take much work and

lots of fund-raising.

This is a vibrant and growing parish, and God has blessed us with

so many good people. Our future holds many opportunities, and

together we can achieve them.